Oaka at The Mansion House – Kennington |

Oakham Ales is an innovative, multi award-winning brewery based in Peterborough. The last few years have seen the company’s bottled ale business expand rapidly, with several of its selection now available in Waitrose and M&S. The Brewery is also now starting to export its bottled beer range to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Slovenia and Ireland.

Oaka at The Mansion House features four of Oakham’s core brands: JHB, a golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes; Inferno, a light, igniting ale that flickers complex fruits across the palette; Citra, a light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas, and Bishop’s Farewell, a strong premium beer of structured quality, dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes.

Between them these four ales have won a host of national and international awards, with both Citra and Bishop’s Farewell receiving a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge 2012.